We started Funknard's Manufactory in the summer of 2016. Our collective professional background is in graphic design, photography, and web development. Funknards was born from a love of designing and building things. Our work is proudly hand made in Camino, California, from locally sourced, reclaimed lumber. The wood we use can be from old fences, barns or even from the old Mill here in Camino. Some of the wood is from felled trees that have been cut down because of damage or disease and destined for the land fill. Most of the hardware items are salvaged objects. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and is built to last. In our free time we love to build stuff and work on our house (that’s right, when we’re not building stuff for Under The Arbor we’re building stuff for us!). We also have a cactus and succulent collection of over 300 plants in our greenhouse that we built using reclaimed wood from an old skate board ramp. Other interests and hobbies include watching movies, cooking, and just enjoying the beautiful outdoors here in the Sierra Nevada foothills. If you can’t find us at home or at Under The Arbor you can probably find us at one of the local breweries!