Hi there! I am Stella and treasure hunting and collecting is in my blood. I’ve been in and out of thrift stores, salvage yards and hand me downs since I was a little girl. Raised on the Monterey peninsula, I spent most of my days on adventures with my large family Bohemian style: enjoying the coast lines of Pacific Grove and Big Sur & the valleys of Carmel and Santa Cruz. These areas are packed full of priceless sculptures, artwork and architecture created by nature and people alike. I was taught early on to develop an ‘Eagles-Eye’ for treasure ~~ fast forward almost 8 years ago this summer when I first wandered the inspiring alleyways of Ricky and Shannon’s UnderTheArbor. It’s a great joy to be a part of their customer family but it’s a grand experience to be a dealer inside of the doors. Aside from my awesome husband of 20 years and my beautiful children, The Arbor Culture is one of the biggest loves of my life and Design is the spice of it! Recreating an atmosphere by merging textures with trends, pairing old pieces with new ones is my gift ~ My space is towards the middle of our store surrounded by glass windows Ricky & his dad Bryan helped me to build & design. I am truly living the dream. Take a break out of the normal routine, wander our hallways & be inspired. Walking in our Arbor doors is like the first time ..every time!