Hello from Viva La Vintage! My name is Lisa and I love working at Under The Arbor! I've been a dealer here for about 5 years and it's my "home away from home"! Sometimes I think I am with this family more then my real one and if you know my family that's probably a good thing haha! I've been with my husband Larry for about 32 years and we just had our 29 year anniversary. He's been in business as owner of California Concepts Painting since 1994 and we've raised our family here in this cozy town of Cameron Park. We have a 27 year old daughter named Alex and 2 boys, Logan is 24 and Travis is 22. They are all crazy, creative kids and are all very musically talented keeping me busy watching them perform. It's fun family time together and when we aren't watching performances we love hanging out together at our practice studio doing karoake and just being a family. I've always loved to decorate and to watch the transformation process of giving old things a new life. I've done many creative things over the years from scrapbooking to jewelry making and at Under The Arbor I have found my niche. We've had the nicest customers you could ask for and the people I work with are more then co-workers. We are a family here and Ricky and Shannon make every day a fun day. We welcome everyone who stops by and we hope to see you all soon.