• Shannon


It was so beautiful to wake up to snow flurries this morning!! Well this past week flew by as usual! We finished the new paint display at A1 (now our vendor Christine sells 64 Dixie Belle colors at both locations!) Also I hear a new paint line called 'Silk' is coming soon to A2 👏👏

Behind our paint display we used old windows and it added just the character we needed to finish it off. These windows have been sitting against a tree at my parents house for 37 years!! I am so happy they are part of our store display now! This week we also did several consignment pick ups and even staged a house in Cameron Park. Today we drove out into the snow in Pleasant Valley to get a game plan down for the biggest consignment pickup we have ever done! SO many unique pieces (garden items too!) I can't wait to share pics with you next week 😍 Hope you all have a fantastic week ahead!